Railway infrastructure services include:

• construction, repairs, maintenance, modernization and rehabilitation of heavy rail and subway lines without welding of rails;

• construction, repairs, maintenance, modernization and consolidation of railway specific buildings, including the related installations (except natural gas);

• desilting works of riverbeds to bridges and culverts, ditches and vegetation cutting works in the railways;

• repair, rehabilitation, consolidation and maintenance of railway-related works of art;

• corrosion protection and painting the metal construction of the railway infrastructure, including metal decking and metal poles supporting IFTE routes, SCB, ELF;

• construction works of defenses, protect and strengthen embankments;

• building of platforms, piers, ramps, loading / unloading, canopies and walkways;

• construction and repair of railway level crossings;

• pedestrian undercrossing passages for railway lines;

• construction - installation, repair and maintenance facilities SCB, TTR-Tc, IFTE, ELF;

• construction, modernization, maintenance and repair of tramway lines.

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