The activity of the construction branch of SC Transferoviar Grup SA, focuses on two major areas of the construction sector, namely construction of residential and nonresidential buildings of great complexity and, equally, the execution of infrastructure works (railways, roads, bridges, viaducts , consolidations, etc.). These activities are supported by a strong logistics sector insurance of motor vehicles, construction equipment and specialized machinery.

With the appropriate technical equipment, site equipment, machines and high performance devices certified by RRA (AFER - Romanian Railway Authority), in recent years we have executed construction works on new lines, repairs and periodic repair work.

In collaboration with our partners, prestigious companies in the field (SWIETELSKI, ASTALDI, STRABAG, PIZZAROTTI, ARCADA), we participated in the development of railway infrastructure work projects, such as:

1. Modernisation of the tram network on the section Mănăştur-Piața Gării- Bulevardul Muncii in the city of Cluj Napoca;

2.    Execution of construction and installations on Section 3: Coşlariu-Simeria, Vinţu de Jos - Coşlariu area.

Currently participate in realization of the project "Rehabilitation of the railway line Braşov-Simeria, part of the IV Pan-European corridor for trains with a maximum speed of 160 km / h". This project is aimed at improving technical conditions and existing railway line to increase speed of up to 160 km / h (passenger trains) and 120 km / h (freight trains).

Regardless of the sizes of the projects with which we're involved, we treat them with the utmost seriousness in every activity and aspect which we are committed to. It is the professional approach that speaks to us, and we always talk through our projects.


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In this project, SC Transferoviar Group SA executes complex works of rehabilitation of the railway stations Vinţu de Jos, Blandiana, Sibot, Aurel Vlaicu, Geoagiu, Drastic, Pricaz, Turdas and Simeria Veche. Architectural works include the rehabilitation of station buildings, platforms and pedestrian level crossings, protective fence between the lines, canopies and walkways. To illustrate the size of the project, we offer a few pictures took during the rehabilitation of the Vinţu de Jos railway station.

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In 2016, Transferoviar Group had a project for the complete architectural rehabilitation of Olteniţa Railway Station, an example of Romanian classic construction architecture, with a history dating back over 100 years.

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